Catharine HulseyMuseum Development

Catharine Hulsy has over 20 years of educational marketing, sales and outreach experience with an emphasis on getting families to spend time learning together. She loves to help organizations make connections between really interesting and engaging content to state curriculum standards so that children can learn through hand-on, minds-on experiences. She has a masters degree in Library Information Studies from UCLA where she focused her studies on the use of technology to enhance the visitor experience in both libraries and museums. For fun, Catharine likes to take her three boys to museums and science centers and had the best trip of her life when she and her family spent a week in Washington, D.C. She hopes to get back soon to visit the 25 places on her list she did not get to see but her museum bucket list grows longer every day. She has worked for PBS-SoCal, UCLA Libraries, Toyota Motor Sales, Creative Teaching Press and now calls JUVE her home.

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