MEA Options

We have several different MEA Options at you’re disposal. Whichever you decide we can help you with.

Different MEA Options

Option 1

Option 1 – This is for a smaller size group.

Option 2

Option 2 – This is one of the more medium size.

Option 3

Option 3 – This one is for larger groups.


Our museum engagement plan allows you to follow our analysis thoroughly via benchmarks and goals.


All of these things here are resources for you to look at or download and use.

Resource 1

This is Resource 1

Resource 2

This is Resource 2

Resource 3

This is Resource 3

Resource 4

This is Resource 4

Resource 5

This is Resource 5

Resource 6

This is Resource 6

How to receive our MEA?

Our MEA is something which we take a great deal of pride and comes down to being able to go undercover to find out the needs and helps of our museum best.

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